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Financial Summary Report of Kingfisher Airlines Limited

Kingfisher Airlines Limited

Rs. 2.00

5 Yr Performance

  • Profit Margin is Negative
  • ROE is Negative
  • Equity has been diluted

1 Yr Performance

  • Cash Flow is Negative
  • Int. Coverage Ratio is Negative


  • Not Applicable
  • Negative PE


KFA was not profitable even in 2004. Investors who lost money in KFA should have looked at the profit margins, they were negative since 2004. KFA is a classic example of a company with bad financials, there were plenty of warning signals like negative margins, negative ROE, negative FCF, poor current ratio, negative interest coverage ratio and massive stock dilution.

Last Updated : 27-Mar-2015

Quarterly Revenue, Net Income and Adjusted Share Price

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Adjusted Share Price is average share price every quarter. Revenue and Net Income are non consolidated.

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