About Craytheon

Craytheon Financial Services was started by an individual who was frustrated with the lack of good fundamental analysis websites for Indian Markets. The free FA websites are pretty much useless for a serious investor because they are not reliable, you will find many examples were the financial numbers given on those websites do not match with the numbers given in the annual report. The paid FA and financial database websites who have reliable data charge around 60,000 Rs. to 1.5 Lakh Rs. per annum and their target audience are corporates not individual investors.

Since the founder of Craytheon could not afford to pay such exorbitant amount he had two choices either to stop investing actively and start investing in mutual funds or to build his own financial analytics website by combining his financial and programming skills. The founder decided to build a new and better fundamental analysis website for him and the other frustrated serious Indian investors. Craytheon is modelled according to the teachings of Ben Graham and Warren Buffett who focus more on cash flow which is relatively hard to manipulate rather than earnings which is very easy to manipulate. This is crucial especially in the Indian Market since ethics do not play any role in most of Indian corporations.

We are now a team of 5 members. We trust our data, we trust our charts and we actively use Craytheon.com to invest in the stock market. We can proudly say that no other website has anything remotely close to what we have for the individual Indian investor. Don't take our word for it, check out our financial charts and valuation models. Our charts take the dry and boring financial numbers and transform them into a super easy format so that anyone can use it to invest intelligently in good companies.

Our mission is to simplify fundamental analysis and stock valuation so that individual investors can invest intelligently and confidently without depending on those so called "stock market experts/gurus" on TV or tips from friends and brokers.

Some of our milestones

9500+ members signed up

325 companies in our database

6,398,749 views of our charts

28 May 2020 financial data last updated