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Pharma companies are undervalued.
Most of the sectors have given good returns except IT and Pharma. The companies in the Pharma sector have been facing tough times. Such adverse conditions are good news for patient value investors because investing in companies who have taken a beating gives enormous returns down the line.

Indian Stock Brokerage Account for beginners
This is just a short guide which will explain the different types of brokerage account fees and tell which you stock broker you should sign up for. As a new investor or trader you should not be paying a huge brokerage fees.

The NPA crisis of 2016
Last year in Jan and Feb share prices were dropping down specially in the banking sector because of the NPA crisis. RBI had made the banks to be more transparent and declare the non performing assets on their books. When the banks started doing that, the market panicked.

The stock market is going down, is it a good time to buy
So the market is falling down again, is it a good time to buy right now or wait for it to fall further. This time we have new problems like Chinese Economy not doing well, Oil price crash. It’s the classic old wine in a new bottle.

What is Life Insurance Corporation of India doing with Axis Bank?
Take a look at the Insider Trading activity for Axis. You can see that institutional investors like Life Insurance Corporation Of India, United Insurance have been selling the stock in huge quantities in the month of Jan 2015 and Feb 2015.

How to analyse a Bank in 5 minutes – Case Study Karnataka Bank
There is one stock which is available at a huge discount right now but today we are going to tell why you should definitely avoid this stock. Karnataka Bank is currently under valued as per the valuation screener. Does it make sense to buy Karnataka Bank just because it is cheap right now?

How to make intelligent Stock decisions in 5 minutes.
We recently added ACC to our database. When we add any new company to the database we avoid looking at the share price. We add the data and then look at the performance, growth pages and then make a decision whether it is a good company to invest or not.

We make spectacular mistakes too.
Let's talk about a spectacular mistake we made with Persistent and left money on the table.

How to avoid major losses in the stock market.
You can avoid investing in bad stocks just by looking at couple of crucial financial charts. Don't make the same mistakes which are committed by countless other investors.

Why you should ignore stock market experts on TV
Should you listen to stock market experts on TV? Can they successfully predict what will happen in the stock market?

Craytheon Case Study - Wipro stock valuation
We present a detailed analysis about Wipro, finding the intrinsic fair value price of the stock and how to profit from bad news.

A roller coaster ride called Jindal Steel
From a paper profit of 32% to a paper loss of 45%, our investment in Jindal Steel was just like riding a roller coaster.

The Stock Market is undervalued.
The stock market is undervalued right now, specially the banking sector. Start buying now

Indian Companies with High Return on Capital
Indian companies sorted based on return on capital calculated with Joel Greenblatt's magic formula technique given in his best seller "Little Book That Still Beats The Market" that uses the principles of value investing.

Exchange Traded Funds in India
An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks. An ETF holds assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds, and trades close to its net asset value

Short Selling shares on BSE NSE
What exactly happens when you short sell shares on the Indian Exchanges and you are unable to buy them back. Do you have to pay a penalty, fine or is there an auction market where such shares can be bought.

Sharekhan Demat and Trading account information.
Get all your share trading doubts and questions answered by reading the Sharekhan demat, trading account information FAQ.