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Some common questions our members ask

Q. Will you give me tips/advice about which shares to buy or sell? Is this an investment advisory firm?

A. No, we are not going to provide any tips/advice. We are not an investment advisory firm. You will have to do your own analysis based on our charts and models.

Q. Can I see the financial charts and valuation models for free as a trial?

A. Yes you can. Check out ICICI Bank, Wipro, Jaypee Infratech, Hind Petro, Suzlon, Kingfisher for free. All charts and models are enabled for these companies.

Q. How many companies are in your database. What is the source of your data?

A. We currently have 456 companies in our database. We get the financial data for all companies directly from their annual reports.

Q. Is your data accurate? Can I trust your data?

A. Yes you can trust our data. We make sure the raw data passes our proprietary automated as well as manual data integrity checks. If you find any errors, let us know and we will fix them asap. The partners at Craytheon also use the service to invest their own money in the market.

Q. Is this service for day traders, do you have technical analysis charts?

A. This service is for investors not day traders, we don't have technical analysis charts.

Q. Any other questions?

A. Email us or drop an offline message in the Contact Us Page or give us a missed call.