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We give a short analysis about the company's financial performance and specially point out things which you would normally miss. e.g.

Mediocre net margin, ROE is falling down, poor interest coverage ratio, rising debt.

They build roads and bridges and other infrastructure projects yet Intangible assets make 49% of the total assets. Intangible assets consists items like patents, trademarks, goodwill, brand recognition. Obviously all these items are important but when they make almost 50% of the assets then something is fishy. A good company with honest management will never have 50% of the assets as intangibles.

We would stay far away from companies like IL&FS Transportation Networks.

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A picture speaks a thousand words. Our financial charts tell the company's story by highlighting all the key financial metrics so that you can visualize the company's fundamental performance.

Nestle Profit margin


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Professional membership gives you access to access to quarterly data, quarterly charts and advanced charts like Non Performing Ratio charts for banks and NBFCs.

ING Vyasa Bank Net NPA Ratio

Yes Bank Quarterly Growth Rate

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A unique screener which gives a list of stocks whose current share price is undervalued compared to its intrinsic fair value.

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Cash and Current Investments per share data under balance sheet for value investors.

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Persistent Systems Limited

Rs. 738.90

5 Yr Performance

  • Profit Margin is Good
  • ROE is Excellent
  • Equity has been diluted

1 Yr Performance

  • CFO more than Net Income
  • Int. Coverage Ratio is Excellent


  • Share Price is overvalued
  • PE more than average


  • Revenue Growth : 7.62%
  • EPS Growth : 9.24%
  • PE Ratio: 20.74
  • Standalone

Earnings Yield

  • 12.71% Consolidated
  • 8.82% Standalone

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